Check it out!

The next release of Shipwright is here, and lots of things are being updated for 2018.   I must say, this update will be huge.   Other than updating regular components, one of the biggest changes in Shipwright is coming; one that I think we are all excited for, and will be a true paradigm shift in how we do front end development.

CSS Variables

That’s right!  Shipwright will now come, out of the box, with CSS variables baked in.  Support for CSS variables is now far and wide, with the only straggler being IE11(but don’t worry, we have a polyfill baked into Shipwright just for that!).  This means you can declare theme colors, font sizes, faces, etc, in just one place, then continually call these as variables in your CSS code.  Yes yes, I know, this sounds a lot like SASS.  Except, ya know, no need for specialized programs, compiling, and making nigh-unreadable CSS files with extra steps.

The Latest Font Awesome

We’ve also added the latest version of FontAwesome to the latest build of Shipwright, ensuring the best in lossless icon delivery.